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ROLE-MODELS and DEVOTION – Traditional Treasure #144

Had God willed, He would have revealed to each of us a specific, unique and personalized revelation that relates to our individuality.  But we would not be satisfied.  We need someone and something to hold sacred to feed, nourish and satisfy our desire for a role-model.  Do you not see that most humans throughout history …

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Sweet as Honey

Chapter 16, Surah An-Nahl (The Bees).  Some of the most beautiful verses in the Islamic Scripture: 90- Verily, God orders you to be balanced,  just and fair. To be gracious, kind and benevolent, to exert special kindness to all those near you, to abstain from immorality, indecent behavior, from that which is repulsive, and from …

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Cordova Quran

Scripture Memorization

HOW DO I MEMORIZE THE QUR’AN IN AN EFFICIENT MANNER, IN THE SHORTEST DURATION? Answered by His Eminence Imam Mohamad Jebara The Qur’an, as written, in the ‘Uthmani (عثمانی‎) script/style, by the great Syrian scribe Uthman Taha (عثمان طه), was specially written to have each page end with a verse, making it one of the …

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Is the sword a symbol of Islam?

Despite the fact that the Classical Arabic lexicon contains over a hundred words utilized to denote the equivalent of the English word for “sword”, not one of these is ever mentioned in the Qur`an, not even through allusion.  Whereas, in the King James version of the Bible, the word “sword” is mentioned 443 times.  Even …

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Waning Crescent Moon (June 16, 2012)

Is the crescent a symbol of Islam?

Pertaining to the crescent, it is not an agreed-upon symbol of Islam.  In fact, until the 20th century, due to orientalists’ dictation, Muslims had never used the crescent as a symbol of their faith.   The crescent was not associated with Islam until after the Ottomans made Constantinople their capital in June of 1453.  The crescent …

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War of Wits

In the past, most wars were fought with brute force, indeed some with wit, though most with physical might and force.  Today, we have a new kind of war at hand, and that is a war almost entirely reliant upon wits.  It is a war between faith and the absence of faith, to believe in …

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Abrahamic Trivia

How many chapters are in the Qur`an?   114 Which Gospel begins with the genealogy of Jesus?  Gospel of St. Mathew How many segments (Juz’/Para) is the Qur`an divided into? 30 Which Gospel begins with a parallel story of Jesus and John the Baptist’s stories?  Gospel of St. Luke What is the longest chapter in the …

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